How to remove stretch marks

Published: 19th September 2011
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Some people may advise you that there is nothing you can do to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy simply because stretch marks are hereditary. Just the thought however of avoiding having to wear your bikini to the beach and hiding your skin for the rest of your life should motivate you to look for a way to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

Discipline Yourself

Stretch marks during pregnancy may be avoided if you watch your weight. This may not completely prevent stretch marks during pregnancy but it can result in fewer marks. The bigger your tummy grows, the more likely it will be for stretch marks to develop.

Thinking that it is perfectly alright to eat more since you're feeding both yourself and your baby is surely one sure way to increasing stretch mark. You should instead follow ideal diet requirements from your doctor that will not starve you or your baby but will also result in just gaining a little over 25 extra lbs. You can also perform pregnancy exercises to make sure that you keep to your ideal weight.

Never Scratch

Aside from disciplining yourself on the aspect of food and exercise, you should also discipline your fingers. Some doctors will not tell you that stopping yourself from scratching your belly can help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. This is probably because there is no clear explanation why scratching can sometimes make stretch marks worse.

It is possible though that aggressively scratching your belly can promote further internal skin tissue tearing since your skin is already too stretched and already on the verge of tearing. You can prevent stretch marks during pregnancy by soothing an itch with some powder, oil or a gentle belly rub.

Keep Yourself Moisturized

Stretch marks can be prevented during pregnancy if you keep your belly adequately moisturized. Your inner skin can tear even more quickly if it is dry, rough and inelastic owing to a lack of moisture. You should drink a lot of water for natural moisture but you can also use a natural product to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy that is safe for pregnant women to use.

Use a Safe Product

Using safe and doctor-approved skin products such as moisturizers and lotions can also help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Simply list down the ingredients of products you want to use and show the list to your doctor before buying these. The safe products are often those that carry all natural ingredients. The logic behind natural based products is that they contain ingredients that are already naturally occurring in nature or in the body which therefore limits the chances of producing side effects.

Don't Always Go for Budget Deals

Be suspicious of cheap offers and deals on skin care products if you want to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy. Pick a product that is not too expensive but also does not have rock bottom prices. Prices are often a reflection of how much research effort and quality ingredients have gone into a product mixture

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